Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

One Tree Hill

I can't believe it. I heard the rumors, and I hoped they weren't true... but I never heard HOW it would happen.

The whole episode was so intense. It was really well done. The kid who plays Jimmy did a wonderful job at acting in pain, and hopeless. I knew he would be the one to die, I knew he would kill himself after the time capsule episode.

I can NOT fucking believe that Dan killed his brother. I mean, I know there is shit between them, but enough to kill him? I hope hope HOPE that they figure out that Jimmy didn't do it... or that Keith will magically live since it looked like it took him in the upper right hand part of the body. I don't know... I hightly doubt that last part. I just want DAN to pay for what he did. I hope they run tests on the gun for fingerprints, but again... I doubt it since that manipulative asshole is mayor now.

This show just keeps getting better. I think I have cried in the last 3 episodes.

NOW we have to wait two fucking weeks to see the next episode... and no teaser trailer to let us know anything.


Can Jake come back when he sees the news on television, hears about the shooting, and probably sees Lucas carry Peyton out? That would be a good thing. I miss him.

Ok then... shock and crying over... I am going to read Micah a bit. It is so short, which is sad, but I guess she plans on doing novellites for a lot of the characters, although... apparently she can not figure out how to do a Jean-Claude one without Asher angst as well. Hee.

I am seriously just going to sit here, reading, stunned.

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