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So my friend finally called to tell me the info for staying at her house. Good too, because I was wondering when the hell she would call. Her son, who is 13, was so amusing. I heard him in the background saying that I needed to get him up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Yeah right. His mom explained that he would have to get himself up, because I was not going to go over there that freaking early, but that I would be there by the time he gets home from school. Yikes... no thanks, too early.

I am waiting while Tivo updates. I haven't done it in over a week, so I wanted to do it before I leave. Tomorrow I have to pack, fill the cat's water, clean the litter, set up Tivo/tapes for the 4 days I am gone, um... I think that is it *shrug.*

I am going to miss the kitties :( Even though I will see them basically everyday while I am not here, they won't be there to sleep in the bed with me, which will make me sad :( I love my kitties.

Anyhoo... gotta go fill up the humidifier (which I still don't know if it helps), wash my face, turn off the router (internet) and unmake the bed. Fun fun fun.

Chris didn't make it over today. Oh well... he had stuff to do at his dad's... he thought he would make it over here, but ended up there too late. Whatever... no worries. :)

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