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Can all this shit please stop? (three good things tho)

The first good thing... any ACE fans... (krissy286!)... check this out! So cute, I got one! CLICK ME!

The second... I get to go to TWO plays! This Sunday, I am seeing Mamma Mia! again. If you haven't seen it, and it comes to you, go! It is so much fun, and the ABBA music gets your toes a-tapping. Then, in May, I am going to see Les Mis since it is on its farewell tour and I have never seen it. SOOOOO excited!

and finally... I got a webcam today! It is sooooo much fun. Bunny and I were talking and I connected her and got to show her my room, my two foot penguin, and my cats! It was very neat. Hee. Let me know if anyone wants a tour sometime. ;)

So, the stupid shit... I went to the grocery store, and my credit card didn't work. I came home, and called about it, and it turns out they turned it off until I called (there was a message from this morning to call) because of suspicious activity. Turns out someone TOOK my number, and tried to buy plane tickets from an Asian airline site. What the fuck? I obviously cancelled the account tonight, and am getting a new card rushed to me by Saturday. Seriously... what the fuck.

NOTHING seems to be going great right now. Feel like shit... etc. Whatever.

Jamie, can you remind me on the whole Josie and Matt meeting thing? I don't remember in detail, and you mentioned it in another comment.

So yeah, I think my best friend and I are going to go up to that guy's (the one I mentioned a few posts ago) place one weekend and party at the club he DJ's in. I'll feel better b/c she will be there... and she wants to go to meet guys. Even trade. PLUS, the mobile home with editions (a house where he is at costs 600,000 minimum) has 5 bedrooms, so she and I can party, crash without having to feel uncomfy, and not have to drive the two hours home at some insane hour. I hope this doesnt turn to shit like everything else in my life.

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