Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Oh my freaking tired...

So, I don't suggest staying on the phone until 8:15 in the morning, eating breakfast, FINALLY sleeping at 9, then getting up at 1 to go to lunch. I came home and crashed, but OMG... so so sleepy. Of course, when I get like this, and lay down, I dont sleep. LOL. It sucked tho... I wouldnt have been on the phone that late, but that guy I met on the internet, and I have been talking to on the phone, had some deal with his buddy needing to be bailed out of jail, and he was nice enough to go at 3:30 in the morning to help him get out... it took like 3 hours to do the paperwork and stuff. Who the hell knows why. I wasn't going to stay up, but I wasn't tired, and decided I would go to bed when I was tired. Yeah. Hee.

Not to mention, the only acne cream/stuff that works for me is Nature's Cure... it is so strong that it makes my face irritated and red at the beginning while the face gets used to it... so that is always fun. At least it works... usually. LOL. Actually, usually it works, but then I am such a loser and stop using it because it makes my face sensitive. This time, I decided screw it. ;)

I am watching the first Season of "Airplane" on DVD. Stupid Southwest passengers.

Look! New icons... me likey.

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