Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


So, yeah... if you like Mexican, and want to make it at home... I just had the yummiest Tostadas. If you go to the aisle in the grocery store with the salsa, you should find dinner kits by Taco Bell or Old El Paso... they are cheap as hell, and make TONS of food. Mmmm... their enchiladas are yummmmy too.

OMG, I am in pain. Not as much as Sunday, so I haven't gone back in to the ER or anything, but I don't think it should hurt 6 days later.... pfft. Like, laying in bed hurts because I like to lay on my sides... then I made the mistake of poking myself in the lower back (well, the kidneys) to see how they were doing with that pain... felt like something poked me, hard, and kept doing it. I hate kidneys.

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