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Finally! I am almost caught up with everything that was taped while I was gone housesitting and stuff.

Did I mention that I got an appointment to meet with someone so they can evaluate me and then the social security disability decision will me made? The appointment is on the 8th of March.

So, I went to the doctor on Friday, and she was not very positive at all. Basically, what I was told was that I am going to go see either 2 or 3 doctors. One of these doctors will basically serve as a second opinion, and is a pain management doctor. The other two that I might see one or both of are a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Fun... more people questioning my sanity. After the doctors see me, they will obviously either think they can help, or think that they can do nothing. From there, if someone can help, I will get treatment, if not I have two options: 1) Nothing, give up, leave with the pain I am in, get rated for my restrictions, and then work on getting a work comp settlement. or 2) Agree to be put on a long term narcotic, and opiate to be presise, for the pain. Uh, no thanks... I really don't want to be on drugs for the rest of my life. This sucks.

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