Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Meme gakked from crossbow1

LJ Interests meme results

  1. boys:
    Um. Yum? I probably have spent way too much of life obsessing over boys... but damnit! They're pretty.
  2. ebay:
    I think 271 feedbacks (well, technically 301 with repeat ppl) says it all. My money lives here. Only recently have I decided to sell jewelry that I buy wholesale on there for a profit.
  3. going out to eat:
    Another money pit. I love to eat out... but I have cut back quite a bit... it just adds up too quickly. I love a good meal out though... mmmm.
  4. john mayer:
    I <3 him! His music rocks, he is funny as hell on his myspace, why wouldn't I love him? Plus seeing him at Red Rocks (an outdoor ampitheatre) in the front row ROCKED. I got a guitar pic.
  5. maroon 5:
    The John Mayer concert above? They opened. How odd that I got these two. I love Maroon 5. I got a guitar pic, and Adam proposed for some guy and then sang "She Will Be Loved" I believe. I was jealous.
  6. nathaniel:
    Mmmm... Nathaniel the wereleopard. Where do I start? The hot stripper body, the fact that he smells like vanilla naturally, or the lavender eyes? So very yummy.
  7. regional preternatural investigation team:
    RPIT! or to piss them off... RIP. Heh. They are pretty damn cool I like Dolph sometimes... although his whole anti-vamp, anti-were, anti... anything other than human thing is annoying. Zerbrowski is funny as hell... him I like. I also loved when Anita walked in, and everyone had a penguin on their desk... I would have SO collected them all up. ;)
  8. shopaholic series:
    Oooh, thanks to mickfish for talking about this and getting me interested. I love me some Luke. Anyways, I flew through the 4 books, and gave them to my best friend to read (which I doubt she has). I love them!
  9. television:
    My time spent watching television is pretty crazy. I think it used to be worse, but with Tivo? Sheesh. I watch shows all the time. I dont see how people could live without a television... well, I guess I can understand it, I just could never do it.
  10. weeds:
    Another Showtime original. I actually think it is a pretty cute show. I watched all of last season... and will most likely watch this season when it finally comes out... whenever. I actually started watching it (and caught up with it) when rach_inabox said she liked it. :)

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