Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

I am fucking confused...

I posted yesterday, and half of it showed up. WTF? I am gonna post it again, and attempt to actually get it ALL to show up. Sheesh. LJ weird.

The Family Stone was... okay. Not great. I dont think I would watch it again. Sarah Jessica Parker's character irritated me.

Elizabethtown... I actually liked it. Kirsten Dunst's character was annoying, but the movie itself was cute. I liked the road trip... that would be cool. I can understand why people may not like it, but ah well... I thought it was cute. :) And yes, Orlando should never pretend to be American... but accent aside I thought it was cute. :/

Have another to watch, but not until tomorrow. My cough is getting better, thankfully... getting sick is getting old. I just slept all day, hoping it would go away. Hopefully it will be all gone by tomorrow.

Selling another ring on eBay... here's hoping I make a nice profit.

WTF happened to the rest of my post? That was weird. Hopefully it shows up this time. It showed up down there, but I am posting it here too... I am baffled.

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