Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Mooooovie time.

Last night I watched Rumor Has It... and Nanny McPhee.

Rumor Has It... was... okay. It was cute in a way... there were parts that were just... creepy. Anyways, I like Jen, and she was beyond beautiful... and Mark Ruffalo is pretty (even if his adam's apple is scary huge). So, it was an okay one.

Nanny McPhee was cute. I actually liked it. I liked the deeper meaning of the movie (which I wont say, in case you dont want to know)... it was cute. Also, the oldest boy, Simon, was from Love Actually. Colin Firth as a father of 7 was... odd. LOL. Just wasn't right. Hee. Anyways, it was a magical Mary Poppins, I guess. An updated, extra magical, slightly odd version. Anyhow, I liked it.

Tonight is... Corpse Bride. Tim Burton is fun, mmmk? Hee.
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