Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Damn. No netflix this weekend.

Guess I will give in and watch some movies that I own. Sheesh. ;)

So... I decided on: Bewitched, The Princess Diaries 2, and First Daughter. I haven't seen any of them... and yes, I have heard that First Daughter sucks... but I own it, so I should watch it. Besides, I have a tendency to like movies that not many people really seem to like. (i.e. Elizabethtown)

Heh. My dad asked yesterday if any of the people I have applied to work for have responded lately. I haven't applied to any in a while, so I just said no. Hehe. I could give a shit right now. Here's hoping for the lottery... or a big car accident settlement... or both. Hmmm.

Anyone who likes Nate Berkus... just an FYI. Monday's Oprah is his first visit back to Sri Lanka. I feel so badly for him. I know he wants to see how it is going, and I am sure this trip will be healing for him... but damn. That would suck. He looks (in the preview) like it definitely effected him. (Of course) That first interview with him after he got back was gut wrenching... you sat there, wishing that Fernando has amnesia and is alive and has no idea who he is, and that is why he has disappeared. I know it isn't true, but for Nate, you wish it was.

I am bored. Like, to the point where I am going to sleep to pass the time (I hope). I slept like shit AGAIN last night. I am stubborn, I want to sleep naturally, but it is not going to happen.

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