Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Very interesting...

I found a program (fairly inexpensive) that allows you to find out if someone has read your emails. I always wondered if there was one. I know AOL to AOL can do it... but with this one, you can use any system, and see not only when it was opened, but by the ISP of the person, approximately where they are writing from. Creepy, yet fun. I tracked myself to see if it worked. Heh. Bwahahaha! I shall know if people read my crap. LOL. It is cool though, because you can tell if something you sent was forwarded... but the most important feature is that if you send something that hasn't been read, you can self-destruct the e-mail so that it is gone before the person can read it. There have been many a time that THAT feature would have been nice. I have sent plenty of "oh shit" emails.

Time to crawl into bed. My parents have a cook-out tonight, my brother is working, and Chris is at a wedding of one of our old co-workers (I didn't want to go). So, I will have 3 new Netflix selections, my comfy bed, and my aminals. Poor cats were basically cling toys... otherwise used as Kleenex... basically they still are.

I would love to do a drunk post for you guys.... but I can't even imagine how much it would take for that to happen. The only time I have been DRUNK was at a bachelorette party... I had drank maybe 2 times before that? It took 16 DIFFERENT drinks to make me throw up and pass out. Granted, I never want to get THAT drunk ever again... the other time I had a LOT to drink, we were playing shot for shot, and using a different hard alcohol in each shot (not something I would recommend). I'm the only one who hit 10 shots. I win. Then I was so tired I curled up on the couch and fell in a deep sleep. I woke up the next morning to my friend's roommate standing in the room, staring at us. (I had never met him... nice first impression) So, to make a long story longer... I have no idea how much I would have to drink to mess with my typing and thinking. It might be fun to find out. Hi, my name is Alison *Hi Alison!*, and I don't have a drinking problem.... yet. (just kidding)

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