Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

mickfish! Check this out!

Ok, so you need to check out the "Best/Worst of American Idol" DVD set. I got the "Best of" this weekend from Netflix... they show a BUNCH of Bo. They show his original audition, him talking after getting the yellow ticket, and quite a few of his performances. I forgot how amazing his A Capella performance was. So good.

Anyone who likes American Idol... it is a cool DVD. I haven't gotten the "Worst of" yet, but I assume that one will be hilarious. All of the first 4 seasons... its a good compilation. I forgot how big Randy was... and I forgot how much I didn't like Brian Dunkelman. Hee. Oh, and Ryan's hair? Amusing at points. Very amusing. He's still hot. Whatever. I hate Scootergirl. There are some others that I would love to punch. Wonder if that could be arranged?

They briefly showed a couple bad ones, of course, on the "Best of" DVD... talking about the original seasons, etc. They showed Keith (Like A Virgin), William Hung, and Mary (the chick who heard voices. Hehe). I swear, they can not do a "best of" without bad people on the DVD. LOL. Oh well, they make me laugh. You can't not have the amusing stuff.
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