Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

I have decided that I don't want to talk about Rick anytime soon... well, the specifics anyways.

So yeah. I'm over it. He's gone. Like, to be more specific... FUCK HIM gone. I wonder if I have alcohol... damn no beer. Wonder if Chris will bring me some. I need a drink... or 12.

I am done with guys. I told Chris that I mights as well just be a lesbian. Men are EVIL. But seriously, after this experience, I have really determined that I don't mind being alone. After I get my settlement, I am buying a place, and the nerds are welcome to live in Colorado if they want, but I don't need a guy. Well, besides Chester. *wink* No really, I have Chester and Cleo, I am going to get a Ragdoll & a munchkin cat when I move into my own place, and I am also getting a pocket puppy. Seriously though, I am going to get a teacup Schnauzer. Look them up. OMG so cute. They max out at... 4 lbs? BUT, they look just like a regular Schnauzer. Really, it looks like it was shrunk down in a machine. Hehe.

Can you tell I am ready to buy my own place? Come on nerds! You know you wanna live in Colorado. *big grin*

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