Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


So hot here. Must find ice.

Literally sweating. I hate summer.

I have 2 choices... move somewhere cold, or pay a HUGE a/c bill.

Tivo has been getting me 4 Saved By The Bell (old class or college, I despise the new class) episodes everyday. I watched it everyday after school. I had the BIGGEST crush on Mark-Paul. Rawr.

I tried to lay down, but damn... I can not sleep when it is hot. My father doesn't believe in a/c in the summer or heat in the winter. I need out of this house.

I have done 2 nights of work. It's interesting. All about a camera program that does cool stuff to your photos. Being on the customer service end is interesting... I just look in the product manual, or in previously answered e-mails... if the answer isn't there, or isn't apparent, then the question gets left for the experts. Whatever... it pays good money. Also, I find out that I move out of "baby-sitting" mode when I return from Vancouver... then I don't have to share with my father.

Hmmm... what else. I dunno. Can't sleep. Shocker. Been taking Ambien every night except one out of the last 5. Guess which one I didn't sleep? Although, apparently I ate breakfast with my mother yesterday morning, and don't remember. I definitely fall into the "must get 7-8 hours of sleep" category. 4, and I am a zombie.

My brother broke up with his girlfriend... well, she broke up with him. Totally broke his heart. I believe here exact words were "I don't love you anymore, and I don't want you in my life." Bitch, no? AND next year he is supposed to share a house with her sister, and he is on the lease. AND she is already dating a guy she met and starting hanging out with while she was still with my brother. My brother is just worried she will come to the house with the new guy to visit her sister, and he will feel totally uncomfortable. Apparently she is bitchy enough to do that... I can't believe how she is acting. She gave my brother back EVERYTHING he ever gave her. Stuffed animals... jewelry... EVERYTHING from the last year. No wonder he is miserable. The only good thing is that she is an RA next year, so she has to be around her floor most of the time.

So, that is the drama around here. Chris and I barely talk anymore, and when we do, it just... I dunno, we don't get along well. Whatever, I am learning that I don't give a shit if I am alone, as long as I have my internet friends. *awwwwww* Hee.

Anyways, I guess I will go watch tv, and pray that it cools off. I am supposed to go over some e-mails with my father tomorrow, to make sure I got them right before we send them out... he had BETTER not be thinking that I will get up early. He's in for a rude awakening.

This weekend's movie fest... "Freedomland," "Fun With Dick and Jane," & "Hoodwinked." I honestly have no flipping clue if any of them are good. I heard that "Hoodwinked" is pretty cute... "Dick & Jane" was... okay, and "Freedomland" got some HARSH reviews. Some people liked it, and others HATED it... there was no in between. I think it will end up being a lot like "The Forgotten"... which I thought was pretty stupid.

Ok, I'm going to shut up now. : /

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