Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Wow. I'm cranky.

Let's see...

I have to pick Chris up from the airport tonight. I feel like ass, and dont want to, but he has no one else to do it. *grumbles*

I feel like ass. I hate colds. I have just been sitting/laying here, trying to drink things that don't make me feel icky.

I can not sleep. I tried to not take ambien last night. Such a bad idea. WTF? I need to figure this shit out. I go to the doctor on the 29th, so hopefully she can help me.

Um, I am tired of getting bills from the doctors and such about my car accident. I get yelled at like I'M the one ignoring them and not paying. Sheesh. Pay the fucking things already. Gotta love insurance. The phone calls are the worst. I answered one a few weeks ago, cut them off, and told them to call my lawyer. Asshats.

I am seriously looking at places in Seattle. Damn. I didn't know I really missed it all that much. Nothing like moving all your shit out here just to possibly move it all back later. What fun. The only problem? OMG, gas is so expensive. Oh well, at least they have lots of trees. *jumps*

Anyways... just wanted to bitch. I'm just tired, and cranky, and sick... that is a BAD combo. Plus, as fun as the trip I was on was... a) it's over... and I had the anticipation of going on that trip for months, and now I have nothing (well, nothing really soon) and b) it just... wasn't what I had planned. I don't know what to say about that really, its just that the trip was supposed to have certain people on it, and then it was different... and kind of... lonely.

Well, Chris comes in at 10:20 tonight. Ick. At least there is a toll road with hardly anyone on it. I hate driving to the airport.

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