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It's sort of funny...

We had a hardwood floor installed in our kitchen. It has to "dry" or something stupid like that, and we can not open the windows, doors, etc. for 8 hours. Can't leave the house, can't turn on a fan or a/c upstairs... notta.

My mom is going stir crazy. Can't go out to the garage for a soda, can't go into the kitchen for lunch, and can't leave. She came down here, and I gave her a magazine and a soda from my fridge. She almost danced with joy.

Anyway, she is going crazy, and I could care less. I just want to sleep anyhow, so who cares if I can't leave? Plus, my fan is on in the basement... like that would matter at all. She is upstairs, hot (apparently), but she didn't want to stay down here. Whatever, I'm chilly (although I think that is just from being sick).

I was looking at places in WA to live, and there was a badass houseboat. I don't know if I have the guts to LIVE on the water though. (Not that I mind the water or anything... it is just... different)

Well then, enough rambling. I'm bored and tired. I'm going back to bed.

I *will* use my damn mood theme. Spent enough friggin time loading it.

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