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Hmmmm. Whatever.

So, I just watched the movie "Stick It." It was cute. I'm such a sucker for the cutesy girl sports movies (Bring It On, Center Stage, etc.) I thought it looked cute in the preview... not like it was OMG GREAT! but it was cute... which is just what I was in the mood for.

Well, I am officially through disk 1 of Dawson's Creek. I dunno, Jamie, I just... never thought of watching it I guess. It was one of those things that people talked about, but I apparently missed. Wonder what the hell I was watching. I'm worried that I will lose interest too (not really... worried, but you know). No matter what, I will watch the 12 episodes with Jensen. Even if they suck, I can put it on mute, and stare, right?

I am giving my parents a week at the timeshare thing... ANYWHERE in the WORLD... where are they thinking of going? San Francisco... right. I'm trying to convince them of something a little more... out there. Parents. *Shrug*

Ah, another Cat scan tomorrow. What fun. I just hope it doesn't take all day. I am supposed to be there at 11, and have the scan at 11:30... I just hope everything is running on time. I hate waiting at the hospital. Wonder how long it will take for me to find out the results? What the hell would they do for my sinuses anyways? I mean, I know what some of the fixes are... I just... well, I want the stuffy feeling to go away. It's interesting... I got all the "big" shit out of the way, so it is amusing to see how much stuff that was really bothering me that I put off until now. Well, not amusing... but... yeah.

It rained today. HARD. Thunder, lightening... my poodle freaks. Georgia was interesting with her. She pretty much lost it daily. When the thunder claps she jumps in your lap and shivers. My cats, of course, are in the basement and can barely hear anything. Not that they give a shit anyways.

Well... Cleo is now sitting on me, so I guess I will quit babbling. I sort of want to watch Click... but I don't think I will have the focus to watch another movie. Life hard. ;)

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