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Oh yeah gotta bitch

I was trying to lay down, and my father called me upstairs. Apparently he did not agree to an answer I left for a guy in the customer service thing... he was FREAKING OUT. (OMG OMG OMG, how do I fix this). Lord... there was NOTHING wrong with the answer... it was one of those agree to disagree moments, but my father has to be right, so I listened to him bitch for about 2 minutes, then asked if I could leave the room.

So, I didnt hear from him again, which was nice, but then he put me as a BCC on the email he sent out so that I could see his apology. WTF ever. He wouldnt even listen to the REASONS I had for saying what I did. I knew there would be a VERY big downside to working with my father on this one. Since when did he become lord high emperor of the customer service center? He has only done this like 2 weeks more than me. *grumbles*

So, now, I dont want to say anything that I am thinking, so I told my mom that when she makes dinner, she needs to please bring it to me, because I refuse to go up. I'm a grown up. :D

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