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Did not sleep at all last night. I was playing an online game, and by the time I looked up, it was 5 AM, and I felt stupid taking an Ambien that late. Hopefully I will drift off from exhaustion. It was fun though... I was playing the online "win a volvo" thing. You are supposed to get the first clue from the dealership, but I found it on-line... then I played it, trying to figure out these hard ass puzzles for about 5 hours. I cheated a bit (looking for the answers from other people), but what's a girl to do?

I took the Ambien the night before last, and I was delusional. I was so tired, that it started to kick in, and I was drifting in and out of consciousness, and I thought I was in different places each time, and was shocked to be at home when I opened my eyes. I know I was falling asleep, but I have never done that before.

Delusional? Travel while you sleep! While supplies last.

I have issues.

Why does every thing I want to watch NOT download fast, not have enough people uploading it to even try, maxed out in the number of downloads, etc.

Yes, it is anime. But there is fun filled gay-ness in every episode (I think there are 70+)... my head would explode downloading them all. Ah, but the gay-ness. *is tempted*

My brain is mush. I keep thinking I want to write something, but then just staring at the screen. What fun my life is, no?

July 4th was rained out here... well, we still had the 4th, just no fireworks. *wink* I wonder if they will do them tonight? I doubt it... I think it is going to rain again. Besides, for some reason... I just don't care.

I have to decide whether I am going to go stay at this person's house tonight. It is the house with the dogs and the cat that I usually stay at once a year, and then don't get paid. Good times. I don't do it for the cash, but it is certainly nice. Anyhow, I refused to do it this year, because usually I stay there for a week or so, and Chris gets the thank you. So I am making him do it. But he is a lazy ass, and only visits the animals, and has only slept there twice. He doesn't want to tonight, so I may go. I love the animals... what can I say?

Then, on the 18th, the lady who I sit for at least once a year, and get paid well? She referred me to a bowler friend. I think I mentioned this? Ah well. Anyways, I will be watching the house and two dogs. I love the whole "not watching humans" part... then I can sleep, and the dogs are fine doing it too. Hee.

Ok, so... I am rambling, and I don't know if I am making sense. I am going to attempt sleep before I fall off my chair. My new books had better be here TODAY, otherwise I am kicking ass. They have been one city away for 3 days now. WTF? No, you do not need TWO FUCKING ARRIVAL SCANS. They are there, I got it. DELIVER THEM!!!!

Shit. I am really going now.

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