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Update. Meh.

Well, I got some sleep. Not very good sleep mind you. My eyes are bloodshot from not sleeping. I am definitely going to get sleep tonight. *smacks self*

So, I have to boast for a moment. I think I figured out this HUGE technical issue for the place I am working at. Woo! We'll see if I am right.

I do believe that once I get paid this month, I am going to order Everclear. Why? Because ever since I went to the airport to go to Seattle, and Everclear was IN THE CASE (well and empty bottle, but where the hell did that get that) as stuff you can not take on board. Apparently bombs, knives, and Everclear are a no no. Anyways, I think it would be interesting to try. Supposed to be tasteless, which I guess it why it is so dangerous... well that, and it is 95 % alcohol (190 proof). Meep. I found a site on line that has it for a reasonable price. *ponders*

Well, the Goo Goo Dolls are here tonight, which means my cousin is here. I'm not going though, I have gone to every concert he has been at when it comes to town... my brother has been to none. He doesn't even know what my cousin looks like. So, my brother is going tonight to the huge ass ampitheatre here... it is supposed to storm like crazy. They do NOT call off shows for anything. Could be an interesting experience for him. LOL.

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