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Sleep can bite me. Hard.

Didn't sleep again last night. I think I may have drifted off for an hour at some point, but still. Tonight I am taking an Ambien. I just don't care. I am tired damn it.

Why? Why does my cat use the litter box, and then proceed to "clean" the air, the couch, the dresser... everything but cover anything in the litter box. She is very odd. One time I was too close, and she did the cleaning motion on me.

I killed 3 spiders last night. Together. What the hell? One every week that my cat gets? I hate, but I'll survive... but 3? Together? What were they doing, plotting against me? Probably more like plotting against Chester... he eats them.

It has been raining every day. I love it. I really do need to move back to Seattle. Then I can... you know, pop up to Vancouver on the weekends looking for SPN and the J boys... ahem.

Well, my dad made pancakes. Not too bad. He made me some, so I can't complain. Plus, they were edible, which is always nice.

Okay, well... I am going to go lay down I guess... otherwise I am going to lose my mind more than I already have. I am so tired, I kind of want to cry. I don't know why I didn't just take the damn Ambien last night... I am so fucking stubborn. Then I pay the price. *sigh*


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