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Let's see...

I am watching the Big Brother Live Feed, but I am so annoyed that my Real Player is fucking FREEZING. It moves like... every 6 seconds only? At least the sound works.

Wow. Talking strategy and not sex. Odd. I have one question. WHY THE HELL is everyone so SCARED of James? What did he do? I mean, whatever... he is sneaky, but no more than Will. Kaysar is the "powerful" one... well, usually. I think right now he is just trying to do Erika.

Anyhoo... Kelly and I are on a total Dawson's Creek roll. Hee. Fun fun!!!! I watched 5 episodes today. I rock. ;)

Let's see... this guy wrote today, and we got the email. Fought back and forth over policy, and finally I proved him wrong. His response? Well... you win. Hee. Gotta love customer service on the internet.

I dunno... I think I am going to go read. I am really annoyed that nothing I want is successfully download. Asshat. I sort of want to watch the anime where the guy falls through the toilet (yes, toilet) into an alternate world where he is king. and gay. I think I mentioned it before. Its like 72 episodes. I think I am going to just wait though. 1. I dont have the money... 2. Only 62 or something episodes are dubbed so far. Might as well wait until it is done... prolly next year, but whatever.

I am reading The Undomestic Goddess. It is cute/funny so far. Hee. I think I am going to go read or something.

I want to watch the live feeds, but this freezing thing is pissing me the hell off.

Ok then. Quick check of the server to see if there are any emails, and then off to read. Fun fun.

OH! I watched 2 Supernatural episodes tonight!!!! TWO! Next up? Faith. Tomorrow probably. Scarecrows are scary. and fugly apparently.

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