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Oh look, what a shocker, I'm awake.

Well, I went over to the house I am going to be house-sitting at. They keep their a/c on all the time, and have it set to 70. I think I may love them. My house was 84 today inside. *cries*

Can You Keep A Secret? has had me literally laughing out loud. There was a line I read a few minutes ago and was rolling for a while afterward. My cats think I'm nuts.

Wow... I really have nothing else exciting to say.

Oh good. I get to hear from my lawyer today. My friend (that works there) brought over the paperwork for my settlement on Friday (in which I learned I am being totally fucked over) and I think expected me to sign. I told him I am not signing until the two negatives that just got put on my credit because THEY can not get bills paid on time have to be removed before I will sign, and I want proof that my entire medpay was used. Basically they are saying that I spent 100,000 and that I still owe like $14000 on top of that. I think it is bullshit. I DID have over 100,000... but that was before Medicare came in and slashed the hell out of my big bills. I was at something like $160,000 (I think) after my spinal cord surgery... but Medicare cut that bill from $75,000 to something like... $7000 (They must hate me). So, wouldn't that be UNDER the 100K? So, I told them I am not signing anything until I get proof that all of the medpay has been used, otherwise I want to use it to pay off that bullshit $14000 that I supposedly still owe.

I learned a hard lesson here... don't get hurt. If you do get hurt? Don't expect shit. I have life long injuries and will suffer in one way or another for the rest of my life, and I got royally royally fucked out of a good settlement. Which is legal here. I hate Colorado. I also got my wrist injury in 2003, and got fucked on my work comp settlement. Which they can do in Colorado. WTF ever. So much for being able to DO stuff... like get my own place. Once I pay off some bills, I still have WAY too many left. I fucking hate money.

Ok, this is getting bitchier than I planned, and I am irritated, so I am going to go read a bit more and then sleep.


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