Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
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Still awake... about to go to sleep. I just wrote a customer back who has been bitching at me about things that are caused merely by his stupidity. I pretty much told him in the nicest of ways that he was an idiot, that he should screw off, and that nothing he does will upset me. I also took some of the stuff he was trying to make an insult, and responded as if he meant it literally. I am sure that will go over nicely. Then he said if what I told him didnt work that "I would have a lot of explaining to do" for our program. I told him that since I didn't write the program or the manual, that having me explain things wouldn't help him at all. I love being a bitch, but in a nice nice way. If he writes again, I am deleting it. Its not like he has anything constructive to say. Plus I probably pissed him off. Yay! ;)
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