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Ok, so it is 68 in here (as I have mentioned) but I STILL get hot when I sleep. WTF is that about?

I went to bed at around 1 last night, woke up at about 3ish... couldn't go back to sleep, so I came downstairs, let the puppies out, worked on emails for a bit, watched the Big Brother contestants play around outside (my lord, some of them hadn't eaten in forever... they were beyond giddy), then went back up to be around 3:45. Didn't fall asleep until 5ish which sucked. Got up at around 9, ate breakfast so I could take my pills, and then went BACK to bed around... 10:30 or 11:00? Got up a little after 1, and now I am sitting here... thinking about going back to bed. Ultimately, I probably will. I don't have anything to do, I have all the emails I could answer, answered, and I am tired. Plus the puppies are passed out on the floor behind me right now, so I doubt they will care.

Those of you who got me addicted to SPN? You suck. ;) I still have... 7 episodes I haven't seen. Yes, I am attempting to pace myself, which is hard. I dunno, I will probably watch another episode this weekend. Guess what I bought? Here is the description from eBay:



HAS NOT BEEN FOLDED beautiful condition!

Friggin HUGE! It is like a subway ad or something... Almost 4 ft by Almost 5 feet. That is quite large. I am leaving it rolled up in the tube until I get my own place... no sense taking it out now. No room.

Today I get the first 3 disks of Dawson's Creek season 3. I am actually going through quickly. Fun. There are some things that make me want to poke my eyes out, but it isn't terrible. I still hate Dawson... and Joey for the most part. ah well. My mom is going to bring the disks over to me (across the main street). I am going to attempt not going home until Tuesday when I am done... it is too hard to see my kitties and then have to leave them again.

After watching SPN on my computer is over, I have both seasons of Hex. Looks kind of good actually. Then, when I am done with that, I am going to watch Kyou Kara Maou. Don't ask. I have will have 69 of the 78 episodes on my computer by this weekend. The other 9 aren't subbed yet. I really have never liked anime, which makes all of this even more bizarre.

If anyone wants to see the poster thingy I got, I can post the pic. Don't want to if no one wants to see it. Nerds! Please go add questions :)

Um... okay. Going to go wander around the internet for another 16 minutes while my download is finishing, then I think I am going back to bed. My life is just way too exciting.

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