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Funniest thing ever. (BIG BROTHER style)

At least something amuses me.

The other night Howie (on Big Brother) mentioned that he didn't understand why he was... turned on when he was outside with the guys, and lost it when he came inside with the girls. Someone told him that he might be bi-sexual. He was like, really? How would I know? Is there a test? Hehehe.

Also, if you want to see something funny, go to youtube and look up... Big Boy vs. Veto

I am not sure that is the exact name, but it will get you there. They did a mock wrestling match with James, the veto king, vs. Big Boy (a 28 yr old, 230+, sort of retarded guy). He keeps clapping and yelling "Big Boy like wrestling" I laughed so friggin hard.

OMG, tomorrow we get to see the up all night episode (well, I saw it live, but whatever)... make sure you watch Thursday (not that BB fans would miss it) but OMG they have the funniest thing planned.

You know, the live feeds are so worth it just because of Will. I love me some Will. Yummy. ;)

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