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Ok, so I have decided a few things tonight.

1) Whoever came up with the concept of nose screws, HATES NOSES.
2) I must be a moron... took over 2 hours.
3) The need to have a class called "Changing Nose Screws For Dummies" I so would have gone.
4) I am never ever changing this thing again. Thank goodness this one is white gold and a diamond. I'm set. If I have surgery, and the anesthesiologist complains that I have it in? I am going to do what I did last time with my tongue ring and my earrings. I am going to tell him to bite me. HARD. Then I will sign the little waiver thing stating that I will not take out my piercings. The thing is, they are afraid that they will get in the way. Well, if a tongue ring gets in the way of the tube they shove down your throat, then you suck to begin with and if a nose ring gets in the way of oxygen coming out of the tube and into your nose, again they suck. I know the biggest reason is because they use tools that can "spark" and jump to metal on your body. Um, yeah. I have metal down my spine, so I don't think a little earring is going to hurt anyone.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT that was hard. I could NOT get it to go all the way down the little hole. It stopped half way. Finally I took orajel, numbed as much as I could, and pushed, I finally felt it give and then it took me like 2 minutes of jumping and screaming internally to screw it in. NEVER EVER changing it. If I do? Never using a screw again. I'm using a bone.

*cries and rocks in corner* Where is Jensen when you need comfort damn it? ;)

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