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Ok, so watching the HoH on the live feeds was kind of cool. They always show the endurance comps. This one was stupid though. I mean, people kept falling off, and FINALLY they made it hard by making them hang from underneath. It came down to Howie, Erika, and Danielle and poor Howie was dying. He is so much bigger than them, and Danielle kept pretending to get off, and then saying "nope, staying on." It was very irritating. Finally Howie decided that those two could hold on longer since they weigh almost nothing, and dropped off. The entire... last 15 minutes I think, Danielle was whining "Please Howie. You're safe. I want to see my kids. Please Howie. Please." I wanted to smack her. Anyhow, when it was down to Erika and Danielle, Danielle asked Erika to drop, and she did. So Danielle is HoH. And apparently the self-proclaimed "black widow." I don't know why she was so freaking happy about her win, it was given to her, she didn't earn it.

Anyhow, she got her room (which after Janelle's was quite boring). She and James decided that Janelle should go up and James would be the pawn. Obviously the whole goal was to get Janelle out. I felt bad for Janelle too, because she really thought that Danielle was just going after two S6 players, not that she and James were together in the plan.

So yesterday, POV took place. The feeds were out for a good 4 hours. We only know what the houseguests are saying, so it is just bits and pieces until Tuesday when it airs. Anyhow, it was Danielle, James, Will, Boogie, Janelle, and Marcellas. Apparently it was a temptation game, and they were laying in dirt (I still don't know why). When something came up that they were willing to give away points for (i.e. a party) they buzzed in. When something came up that punished the entire house, they earned points. It was basically who will do what to win. So that part is probably right, and then it all got confusing. Apparently the houseguests not in the POV comp were locked in the storage room during the competition. They have to go along with the "punishment" and they didn't even get a say. Kind of sucks. As of last night, no one knew who won what. They are speculating that Marcellas won 5K, a plasma tv, a slop FREE pass and put the house on slop for a week. They aren't sure about the slop, because Janelle thinks she might have done that. James won a phone call. Will is pretty sure he won a trip to Aruba. Someone lost the house hot water for a week, so showers are either not happening, freezing, or if you are Will, in the kitchen sink. Janelle lost the entire house their beds for the week. All they have are cots. Oh, James, Will, Boogie, Janelle, and George had a margarita party last night. James got that? I don't know how they decided who got to participate. During the majority of the party, the rest of the HGs were on inside lockdown. The worst was Danielle who took 24 hours of solitary confinement. She is locked in the gym with a bucket as a toilet, and she can hear people through the door, and she has said hi and stuff, but other than that, nothing. Apparently they can see her through a two way mirror, but she can't see them at all. For the first hour or so she was in there, she was crying in the corner. Why? Because Janelle won POV and is taking herself off the block. Danielle knows she is a marked person now. Then they showed Danielle pacing and talking to the cameras? Herself? I don't know. I think half of the crap she is doing is for tv, and for the sypathy factor. Whatever. She is a fucking hypocrite anyhow. She and James. (and I like James) They both were SO angry that Janelle didn't put up CT last week, and this week? SHE DOESN'T EITHER. WTF ever. So, James is worried about being evicted. Danielle promised Howie he was safe, so Kaysar is the only replacement for Janelle from S6. He has been in a weird funk all season, so he says he wants to go home. CT and Janelle have decided to tell Danielle that if she puts Marcellas up, they will let her slide next week. They haven't gotten to talk to her yet, because every time someone goes to the gym door to talk strategy, BB makes them go away.

Last night was so funny. Will took a shower in the sink. Like, washed his hair and stuck it under the spray gun thingy, and then SAT in the sink spraying his body. Then Janelle came over and didn't think he would shoot her with the water since she was fully clothed. So very wrong. They had a funny ass water fight until BB yelled "STOP THAT" over the speakers. (Party poopers) Outside George was drunk off his ass, and Howie did the funniest dance I have ever seen (without alcohol) as the HGs sang. Then, of course, BB yelled "STOP SINGING" since they are not allowed to for copyright issues (although, they were just singing a mariache [or however it is spelled, I am way too tired to look it up] tune). When BB yelled at them someone yelled fuck off, and George told them to keep singing. Of course they cut the feeds at that point.

So, that is the drama from last night. I can not wait to see the POV comp so that I can put all the pieces together. Also, I really hope Danielle is smart enough to take that deal. Marcellas is annoying the hell out of everyone anyhow, and no one wants him to make sequester.

BTW, you know if they make it through the first... 5? 6? whatever weeks and in to sequester they get something like 30K? I'm moving in!

Anyhow. I tried to sleep last night, but woke up after an hour. I freaking HATE that. So, I am going to attempt to sleep again.

Heh. My dad just called... yes, from upstairs... anyhow, apparently since June 1st, 580 emails have been closed in the system (obviously for the company I work for). Out of those 580, my dad and I have done 508. Seriously. We rock. Actually, out of the 508 I probably did somewhere close to 400 or so. So I rock. *wink* I still get to say a bunch of crap I don't really understand. But I tried the program on some of my travel pictures, and it does clean them up nicely.

Ok, apparently I have two responses in the system, so I am going to go answer those, and then SLLLEEEEEPPPPPP! Oh and I was bad and downloaded "John Tucker Must Die!" so I will probably watch that later.

Oh yeah, the last thing I was going to say for now. Twice now, I have been sleeping almost entirely on my stomach, and Chester has tried to curl up on my BACK to sleep. What the hell? I've thrown him off every time. Such an odd animal.

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