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An update...

Ah... my birthday update...

Well, I got up when my mom called to say breakfast was ready. We ate pancakes together (mom, dad, & I). My mom then needed to go to Target, so I went with her to get things I want to eat while they are gone next week. Fun fun. Came back home, played with Niko (man, I missed that bird), then came back downstairs for a nap. Spoke to my dad's brother, aunt, and cousin in Boston, my dad's parents, my mom's father, and my dad's sister and my cousin in Virginia. Didn't hear from my dad's other brother, but I am not that shocked. First birthday without my grandmother here. It sucks. Just sort of relaxed all day. Read magazines, played around on the internet, did a couple emails for work (might as well make $$), and waited for dinner time. We went to this yummy Italian restaurant, Carrabba's for dinner. It was just my brother, parents, and I. I sort of uninvited Chris a couple days ago. *shrug* Ate my favorite meal there, had a strawberry daiquiri, and had a bunch of waiters and waitress sing happy birthday really badly to me. It was fun. Then we came back here, and Chris came over with a bottle of Eiswein from Germany that I brought back on my trip. SO sweet. If you have ever had Riesling, this is THE sweetest one there is. Had some cheesecake that my mom made, and opened a couple presents. My dad got me a clock/cd player thingy for the shower. It actually really neat. I hate silent showers sometimes. My mom got me some footies that I wear around the house when my feet are cold. My mom has been getting things over the last couple months and saying happy birthday, so that is the majority of my stuff right there. She has gotten me clothes, DVDs, and other stuff I can not think of. She also got me a glass bank thing that looks like a purse and has zebra stripes on it. Hee. Cute. I also got a check from my mom's father, and I always get a check from my dad's parents. So, drank 2 glasses of the wine (have the rest for tonight). Chris had one glass and said it was so sweet he could only drink one glass. He left shortly after that. I think I was in bed, asleep, a little after 9. Party animal. I was so freaking tired, I didn't care. Got up in the middle of the night a couple times. Played on the internet, spied on Dr. Will & friends, and worked a little bit. All in all it was... kind of boring I guess, but not bad at all.

My family is doing a HUGE family get together for a Bat Mitzvah this weekend in Virginia. I played the "someone has to watch all of these animals" card, so I am staying here. Number one, my family on my dad's side sucks. I haven't seen them in over 6 years. They have made absolutely no effort. Nor do they call at all. I hear from them once a year on my birthday. WTF ever. So, when they announced this little get together, I believe my exact words were... HELL NO. Not if you paid me. Not if you paid for the flight. NO. Somehow my brother got roped into it though. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird, and some fish to take care of. Welcome to my zoo.

Anyhow, they leave on Wednesday, and come back Sunday. Woo! I think. My brother is going to look for a new place to live when he gets back. His roommates are tools. Katie's older sister and her boyfriend's friend. One of the guys told Eric that he wasn't paying his third of the electric because he doesn't want the a/c on. Eric turned it on when he came home because it was 89 in the house. Fuck that. Eric is off the lease though, so I told him to find something, take it, and move out in the middle of the day when no one is around. Fuck them. I guess Katie was stuck in Europe when the people got arrested in London, so they ended up being stuck at the airport in Rome for 2 days. She got online yesterday, and he said something along the lines of are you home? or are you still stuck? trying to be nice and whatnot to her, and her response? Yes Eric, I am home after being stuck in an airport for 50+ hours. Thanks for trying to control my life. He was like fuck off, and didn't bother to respond. Something stick shaped has been jammed up her ass.

Just worked a bit, going to go lie down and watch tv/nap/something. Not much going on here. Watched an episode of DC this morning. Still have 3 SPNs left I believe. It is kind of too warm to think though.

Later. Thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes :)

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