Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

What the hell?

Watching my live feeds... of everything they can show? Howie in the jackshack, talking to himself. Creepy.

Tomorrow I have to go and get some blood taken (6 month check). I hate having blood taken. Wednesday I have to take the cats in for their year check up. I hate taking then in since they despise the car. *Sigh*

I am training a chick to answer questions for the company I work for. I don't mind at all except for two things. 1) Her answering emails takes them away from ME being able to answer them. 2) She has put off starting since June. Her uncle works for the company, so I think she feels obligated to do this. She really doesn't seem like she wants to do it. I don't like wasting my time. *sigh* I keep asking when she wants to learn, and she keeps saying that since I am taking time to teach her, it is up to me. No, I don't care... you pick! >:)

My fucking teeth hurt. The ones I got the root canals done on. I need them pulled. They HURT, and the tooth in the back has a huge gap between the tooth and the crown. Fuck me. Hurts. *cries* I just want them gone, I am tired of dealing with them. I have a headache from the pain too.

I have been asleep since 9 again. I woke up when Chris called, and decided to take my pills and hop in here for a few. My eyes keep closing though. Oh well. I am tired. I want to bitch and not go to the dr tomorrow. *grumbles*

Kelly! I can not watch DC at night. I had a dream about me and Drue... he wasn't Drue, but he was the actor as someone... *sheesh*

So, that is my bitching. Stuff to do tomorrow and Wednesday. Don't want to do any of it. Thinking about smacking my teeth into something so that I can stop the pain.

Oh, I got my birthday card from my dad's parents today. I fucking HATE hearing from them. The card was like "we miss you, happy bday, I am sorry you decided not to come out here this weekend, we really wanted the whole family together... blah blah blah" Fuck them.

Whatever, I am bitching lots. I just don't want to deal with half the shit I have to. I am training that chick because I want to be a team player, and I would love for them to give me more to do someday, but still. She is older than me, and it is a fucking WASTE. I am trying to guess just how long she'll last...

I am going back to sleep.

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