Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Day One

Done. Yay. My little mutt wouldn't potty for me, but she always seems to do that when I first start walking her. Oh well.

I just went upstairs to turn off the lights, and I got Niko to put his head up against the bars of his cage so that I could pet his head like a dog. Hehe. He let me do it for a good 20 seconds maybe, and then tried to bite me. That was his way of saying, what the hell do you think I am? A dog? He is so soft. Pretty too. He is getting more and more colorful, which is neat.

Gotta get up in 6 hours to walk the dogs for the AM time. Tomorrow sucks because it is garbage day AND it is our week for recycling. Needless to say my wrist doesn't really allow for garbage can moving all that easily. NOT TO MENTION that I have to move my mother's car just to get the stupid cans out. WTF? Whatever, just more fun and excitement.

I spoke to my dad a few times yesterday, he kept joking around asking if I missed them yet. The last time I said that I missed them about the time I had to walk the dogs last night. ;)

This whole responsibility thing sucks when all you want to do is sleep.

My fucking grandmother, who wrote in my birthday card a guilt trip message for me, got on the phone last night and tried to guilt me into coming out there again. They have had SIX years to see us. How many times have they? Zero. They have had SIX years to call. How many times have they called? Birthdays. Why in the fuck would I go out of my way to see them again? It is funny/sad. My mom and I were talking about my grandmother who passed, and how she shows up in my dreams. I told my mom that she is making more of an effort to contact me than the live ones. Sad but true.

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