Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

People are stupid

You know, I already have an unfounded FEAR of snakes beyond any REALM of the imagination. I don't know, grass snakes irk me.

So, I wouldn't go see this new movie Snakes On A Planeanyways. Not if you paid me a lot of money. Ever.

Apparently, 2 people in Arizona thought it would be really funny to release two diamondback rattlers in the theatre during the premiere screening. I mean, there were KIDS in there. Fuck that. I would have screamed like a little girl. Actually, the prospect of that is still within my mind... FUCK THAT. I would have lost my shit on that one. What fucking IDIOTS. THIS, THIS is why I dont like going to places in public. Someone could release a venomous snake, someone can leave a needle with diseases pointing up in your theatre seat (or in the change thing of the pay phone... who uses those still?). I dont care if they are all true, people in this world are just plain fucked up. I need to get out of the States. Apparently people here are more fucked up than a lot of places. I mean, some places, people dont lock their doors because they feel safe. Uh, right... that would happen here about the same time as pigs fly.

I kind of feel bad. Last night I was asked about the training of that chick for work. I was very direct in my answer. We have only spoken a couple times. The one time I assigned 3 emails to her, they sat there, and after 48 hours I had to answer them because that isn't fair. I have 3 for her now, and they are just over a day old. We'll see if she does these. I told him, I dont see why she is doing this. She teaches at a college in Kansas, and she teaches days and some nights. She is always busy. I said she is really nice (she is) but if it was me, and I was interested, I would have put forth more effort. I told him to let me know what he wants me to do. Of course, he hasn't written me back. They aren't the best at that.

Last month I answered about 500 emails. 500 different people, mind you. A conversation of 20 emails back and forth between me and a customer counts as one. I rock in a scary kinda way. I think I want a prize.

Fuck. Fell asleep a little after 5. Got up to eat breakfast with my mom. SO passing out now. : / I think we are going to walk again tonight after it cools off. It takes 10 minutes to walk around our entire block. Sort of a pain in the ass when you are trying to walk 30 minutes... 3 times around the block seems like a pain in the ass. Maybe we will go another way tonight. I wore my pumas, and for whatever reason my sock was fucked up, and I got a blister. Fun. My new Nike Free shoes should be here today. I want to use them now! I was going to wait so they were new-ish for my trip (i.e. broken in, but not worn down) but fuck it. I wanna use them!

Okay, rambling done. Must. Pass. Out.

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