Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

New shoes!

If you need new tennis shoes, these Nike Free shoes are freaking awesome. Comfy, no socks needed. Very pretty. I would post a pic of mine, but currently Cleo is pretty much in them. She is laying on top and rubbing her head on the heel. It's actually pretty damn cute.

I have the funniest avatars made from BB. Some have been while it is just the feeds. I have part of the water fight between Will and Janelle that they didn't show. I also have Janelle getting thrown face first off the hammock into the bench without spilling her wine (talent!). I have other ones I have done for other people too. One is Howie'e big boy dance where he moons the camera (disturbing!). Actually did anyone hear about Howie naked outside (who knows why) and Danielle stole his underwear. It was pretty funny watching him run inside with socks or something covering his... you know. ;) I should make an avatar of that! Heh.

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