Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

My life...

Okay, so first of all. The France job is going well... at least it is interesting. The training is going better. We are actually meeting up, which is different from before. Anyhow, it is slow right now, which sucks. Our new version is slated to come out on Sept 18th, and THEN it will get busy.

Now, what I haven't told you all. I don't know, I might be talking to myself. My mom's has a kid in her class named "Brigette" which is said like "Pete." Her dad lives in LA because he makes bank, and visits. Her mom lives here (obviously) with her. Well, they just moved here and don't know anyone. Her mom also travels for work. Well, she asked my mom if she knew anyone who could watch the kid over Labor Day weekend, and my mom suggested me. She also asked if she knew someone who could be a nanny for her, and once again, she mentioned me. I haven't spoken with her (she is in Canada), but she is supposed to call either Sunday or Monday. So, I am almost definitely watching her over the weekend, but there is a very good chance that I will be this kid's nanny when the mom isn't around. I hope they pay well. ;) Wish me luck.

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