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I am just overly irritated right now. I am sitting here, trying to watch the feeds (Big Brother) and they freeze every 2 seconds. Damn, I am so glad that I paid for this shit. They do it ALL THE TIME. I hate real player, but there is no other option. The things that have been made to help the feeds are all for Windows. Honestly, I should not care and just go to bed, but I am getting too fucking pissed off. It would be different if they were FREE. Then, they sit there, and pretend like they are going to reload and work, and nothing. They freeze.

So, work is freaking silent. It is so weird. There are no messages to work on (which is not normal). I know it is a holiday weekend, but not anywhere else. Anyhow, it is strange. I am bored. I should be asleep.

I am so wanting to plan my trip next summer... I have to sit and wait though, because my brother wants to study abroad, and we have to see when it starts. *is not patient*

I am buying a new camera, a language thing (that translates for you), and a PDA with wifi so that I can write emails wherever there is free internet. The biggest thing is not using my cell. I am going to use text messages, and I think they are free because it is a US number... yay! I am going to get a butt load of text messages so that I can write everyone.

I am so freaking irritated. I hate real player. I want to hunt them down like dogs. What a shitty product. Plus, they totally monopolize the market. This feed will not play on anything else. Which is bullshit since THEIR product can blow me.

I feel a bit of rage coming on. I'm not that pathetic, btw. I am not angry that I am missing the feeds (although it is irritating), I am angry because I spent money on this shit.

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