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Since I am a bit of a sheep, and others are doing it... this is how I found out about 9/11:

I had started working at the bowling alley on the 10th. I had just moved back here at the beginning of September. I worked and then came home... I think I got to bed about 1? That morning my uncle, who never calls... and since that day hasn't again I don't believe, called my dad at the house. My parents had already left for work, and their phone line was in my room, so I answered it. He asked for my father, and I told him he was at work, and he yells "WE'RE BEING ATTACKED!!!" into the phone. I was SO tired and SO out of it that my reply was "You Are??" Then he was like no, US, like the country, and he told me to turn on the TV. I had to work that night. I remember one of the leagues told everyone they could come in if they wanted, they wouldn't cancel the league. It was good because it took people's minds off things (sort of, we had the news on every free tv). The other league was cancelled by the league secretary because her brother worked in the towers, and she wanted to watch the news/wait for a phone call. Unfortunately he was one of the people who was killed that day.

So yeah, that's my story. I also remember getting on line and seeing if people from FF that I had been talking to were okay. Waiting for anyone from NY to check in.

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