Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

It is a good thing that...

I have over 8 months until the trip because every time I think I have a schedule of when to go where, it changes. For instance, my friend in Switzerland - Oh! You should go see Pompeii. Um, okay... the closest airport is Naples? We weren't planning on going to Naples... oh well. Hee. *adds*

Plus nothing is really available price wise this far out. Ooh! I fly EasyJet while I am over there... they have EasyCruise now. It's like $24 for 2 people to share a room for a night. Like $24 total. And you get to move to another location. Its so cheap because you have to pay for food if you want to eat on the boat, but damn... where can you find a hotel where you get your own room/shower/etc for that cheap? Nowhere! So, as they release dates, I will look into that. The only requirement is that your trip be between 2-14 days. I can handle that. I'd really love to do a River cruise that takes us to a lot of the places we want to go, but when you put the prices vs hotel/flight/food, it is still too much. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and find something?

Ugh. Its amazing how lame I am. I am so bored without BB. Tomorrow night it will all be over. Thank goodness. I want to see the jury questions and the winner I guess... I'm just disappointed in the season overall.

I'm 2 episodes away from being done with disk 2 of Dawson's Creek S6. Rah! I like Eddie a lot, which means he won't be around long enough. I really really like Jensen better as Dean. C.J. is an odd character... but he's cute, so all is forgiven. :)

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