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Ok, so Chris and I were supposed to get together today to watch a movie. He called and told me he had too much to do, so he could not come over. I gotta kinda upset, I mean why tell someone you are going to do something and not do it? He got mad back... he told me that he never told me it was definate that we would get together, and that I had no right to get so upset over something small... we talked it through, and he told me to have a good night, and he would see me tomorrow. I just wish we did not have those spats. I am just afraid sometimes that one will just push him over the edge. AND I guess today, two different people made reference to us being a couple. Hello... we are NOT a couple. That is something else I worry about. Him getting annoyed with people saying things like that... le sigh. People suck. Can't we just have our fucked up friendship without everyone's comments?

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