Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


The internet guy came today to see if he could figure out what was happening, and he used my laptop to do something. When he closed the browser, he goes "Ooh! Supernatural!" I giggled.

I have no idea how I am *this* tired, but apparently it is possible.

I am supposed to explain how to use our pay sheet to that girl I am helping. Its on Excel, and I have no idea other than plugging them in. The formulas make my brain hurt.

So now, I have decided, that I want to see my 17" Powerbook. It's in perfect condition, but I want the new Intel Mac. *pines* If you know anyone that wants a badass computer that has been upgraded, and has over $10,000 in animation/movie software on it... let me know. (It has all the software that Pixar and companies like that make their characters and stuff in... you can also make a movie with your cartoon. 1. I'm not that talented and 2. My brother worked forever on one and managed to get a bird to fly a few feet... not that patient) *begs... please find someone my flist!* Hell, at this point, I'll give a finder's fee. *sigh*

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