Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

A couple things (questions included)

First, I just watched Bring It On - All or Nothing (yes, number 3)... it was actually fairly cute... and it had a hot boy. Also, one chick looked SO familiar, and it is Beyonce's sister (looks like her)... Cute boy pic! HERE!!!

Okay, so the Powerbook is officially on eBay. I am getting the new one tomorrow so that I have all weekend to get my crap off this computer onto the new one and reload it for the new person. So, my question for you...

My brother and I figured out how to get into our Tivo and pull the files onto the computer... which means that I will have Supernatural Season 2 shortly after every episode. Do you want me to upload them after I pull them? If not, then I obviously won't, but if you do... let me know! :) (Way too excited)

I also have "RV" and "Scary Movie 4"... woo for me. I think.
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