Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

*is this thing on*

Um. Hi. People are not in a commenting mood lately, huh?

Just caught up and watched Studio 60 and Jericho. Not too bad... I know I like Heroes, so the only one I don't know about is Ugly Betty which looks cute as hell, and was a success in all the other countries it has been in.

This new computer is cute. I like it. Definitely need to make it a goal to keep this one longer than a year. The other one still has 2 and a half days left on eBay.

Well, I am waiting for the expansion packs I bought off Amazon for Sims 2, so I decided to mess around with the original today... I did a pre-set world, because I didn't want to start yet... I don't like the preset Sims. They were a bit retarded. ;) I found two websites full of codes to get different clothing/furniture and new actions (i.e. have sex). Should be fun.

Monday (well, Monday Paris time) we release our new version to the world. Everyone is expecting us (at customer service) to be swamped with emails. Even our sales team in Switzerland added more people. Me? I am thrilled. More emails = more money. More money = very nice when you buy a new computer. My best month so far I have made a little over $700... that isn't bad considering how little I have worked. I think it would be SWEET to make like $1500 next month. I would dance. I promise.

Um, so I think I might be writing to myself, so I am going to go. :)

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