Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Must be smarter than the computer.

So, I am trying to load something on the Windows part of the machine, so that I can make Supernatural into videos rather than Tivo files. The program does not like me. It keeps telling me I need something else to run it. I will win though. Me vs. computer... cage match!

I was reading the hacks that you can do with the Sims 2 stuff... you can get your .mp3s from your computer and play them through their radio. You can also make it so your movie/videos play through their tv. Heh. It amuses me greatly.

Thanks to those of you who responded to my last email. I appreciate it.

Ugh! I want more people to bid on my auction damn it. It has been at the same prices for over 24 hours, but I am up to 29 people watching it. *sends thoughts to people... BID!*

I have determined, after answer some of these people's questions for work, that I must be getting more and more stupid each day from listening to what they have to say. OMG... it says we do not support this, so they email, and say I know it said that, but is there any way... NO. Hee. I like people who basically worship at your feet when you fix their problem. Actually it is a good feeling to help someone like that. Too bad there are asshats in the mix as well.

I watched the pilot for Three Moons Over Milford last night. Has anyone seen it? Fairly cute. I have 6 on my Tivo, so I will watch them eventually. I tried to watch Scary Movie 4 but after about a half an hour I had to turn it off. Usually I like to watch those movies for a good laugh, but I just couldn't do it. I think tonight I am going to watch RV, but I dunno yet.

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