Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


So, I went to sleep at 330, and set my alarm for 500. Got up then to see if the program for my company had been released, saw that they had given us a preliminary copy, which I am downloading now, but it has not released to the public yet. So, I am waiting for the download to complete, then I am going to go back to bed. I figure I will set my alarm for noon, and check to see if they have released it (which they should have) and how many messages there are to work on.

My auction is up in a little over 9 hours. No one else had bid since the other day. It is driving me NUTS. I have 56 people watching the damn thing... I just want them to start BIDDING. *sigh*

My mom just came down to eat with me, and I bitched about not wanting to go in December some more. I asked her what would happen, would they talk to me less? (enter sarcasm) Oh! So my parents and brother went out there for my cousin's Bat Mitzvah in August. Get this. When my brother was 13, and having his Bar Mitzvah, we were living out here, and all the relatives came out. After they left, my aunt (who's kid just had her deal) MAILED MY DAD THE BILL FOR HER FLIGHT AND HOTEL. WTF? How rude do you get??? I told him to do the same thing back to her, but he is the oldest, and doesn't want to start anything. How dare she come out, spend the time, and then pull that shit?? It is shocking that I want nothing to do with them, isn't it? My mom keeps telling me she will pay for my trip if I go in December. I told her to give me the cash, and I will find a way to have fun with it at least. >:)

Liz! How do your Sims party and do that stuff? Do you just control the ones you live with and the rest you just made and threw into other houses? Do they have to work or anything? I am currently designing ridiculous homes for my Sims, and then when the expansion packs arrive this week, I can develop businesses and dance clubs and whatnot. No Sims yet, just the houses. LoL Anyhow, I suck at the Sims, but that was Sims 1. I always got bored and let Social Services come and get the baby, and then I would keep my Sims at home instead of letting them work. I was basically an evil ruler. Your Nerdy Sims (and the boys) seem to be having fun, so I figured I would come to you for advice. I have a feeling that I may have to make the Anita Blake books into my Sims world... Well, with me in them of course. ;) *ponders Jean-Claude and Asher*

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