Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

This dream was NOT fun.

I thought I was awake... I just know that in my mind I was laying on the bed sort of sideways, on my stomach. I started to roll over and above me were two HUGE daddy long legs type spiders. I don't mean normal huge, I mean, with legs, small plate huge. So I jumped our of bed to get the fly swatter to kill them. This really happened. I ran over and got the fly swatter, and went back over to the bed and couldn't find them so I started swinging it about as if they were invisible or something. Then I figured out that it must have been a dream and put the fly swatter back. It was freaky real too...

ETA: So, in the midst of my psychotic episode, I apparently threw all of my covers onto the floor because they were still there. I was still so out of it when I went upstairs right after that (I heard my mom, figured what the hell, scare the shit out of myself... eat breakfast) that I did not even notice the covers on the floor. Good times.

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