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I feel special...

Not really, but I booked all 3 dr appts that I needed to for next week. I decided to go see my GP to see if there is anything I can do about my sinuses. We already did the catscan, so I know they aren't infected, but still... plus I need to see what I can do about my not being able to focus on anything for longer than a second. It's not like an "ooooh, shiny" type thing but the other day I was on one website, and had another in another tab, so I had to switch back and forth. I would look at two answers, and then when I got back to the first website I could only remember one. WTF? I think I may have borderline ADD, but I have always thought that. Plus if I have one more panic attack. My life is too complicated, I am going to go sleep for a year. She wants me to get allergy testing, but I so don't want to. Something about being pricked 9000 times on my back (which is limited b/c it is sensitive after the surgeries).

Then I have the eye doctor. I work on the computer a LOT now, and I never have before, so I think my eyes need help. Eh, whatever.
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