Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
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So... today I had my dentist appointment... yikes.

I have to pay $130 for the year's worth of their insurance.
Wednesday I am going in for a deep root cleaning and two cavity fillings... this will cost $470.
THEN I get to have both of my crowns replaced and underneath fixed, which should cost $1000.
FINALLY I will meet with an oral surgeon so I can get the $$ for my wisdom teeth to be removed.

Damn, sucks huh? I am going to have to rely on my mother to help, cause I sure as hell don't have the much money. Donations anyone?

Anyways, so my adventure with the dentist begins on Wednesday... I hate the dentist... this guy seems nice, but there is just something about having someone playing with your teeth and gums that gives me the willies...
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