Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


Holy shit, so I went to vote at 1:20 today thinking that it would be a shorter wait than say, tonight. I was in line for TWO HOURS. Its good that there are that many people voting, but damn. Apparently there used to be 45 voting places in our county and now there are 19. Who the hell made that decision?

Three issues that I care about (well, 2 and one that amuses me:

1) One that states that marriage should be just between a man and a woman. Obviously I voted no.

2) One that states that a same sex couple should be recognized as legal partners, so that adoption, funeral stuff, hospitals, etc. would be covered. Not a marriage, but still, rights. So that was a yes.

3) One that asked whether or not it should be legal for someone 21 or older to possess an ounce of marijuana or less. That amuses the hell out of me. So of course I said yes. Hell it passed in Denver county... doubtful that it will pass in the state, but who knows. Plus it is stupid because it is still illegal in the US, so you can be busted for it technically. Whatever.

I exercised my right to vote. Yay me. Lord that was a long experience without an iPod or a book...
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