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New York

So, I figured I should update before I forget details. Feel free to ignore this post if you want to...

So, we headed to New York on Wednesday. We went on Jet Blue. I like that airline quite a bit. Free television, they have good snacks and don't bitch if you want extras... plus, we got to New York early. We landed at JFK, and started our adventure. We took the Airtrain, which gets you out of the airport, to the station, and then had to pay $5 for using it. We also needed to figure out how to get to Brooklyn, so we asked some people how to get there the fastest. Note to anyone reading this... don't do that, just figure it out on your own. Trust me. So we took the Long Island Rail Road out to Brooklyn, and then asked how to get to Prospect Park (where we were staying). This one lady said we could walk, and that if we went outside we couldn't miss it. Apparently we caught her on a crack smokin' day. We asked this other guy, and he said to go across the street and take a dollar van. NEVER take a dollar van. We went across the street and this green van pulled up and honked. We asked if he was the dollar van (because they are NOT marked) and then got in. My brother forgot to say "Prospect Park WEST" so we went to the east side of the park. NEVER go there either. So, he said to get out and wait for another van, and he wouldn't charge us. We waited, and a white van pulled up. My brother asked if he was the dollar van, and he said yes, and then asked if he went to PPWest. He said no. Seconds later, a green van pulled up. Guess which one was the REAL dollar van? Lord knows what the guy in the white van was smoking. So we got in, and he literally took us a mile down the road. Meanwhile, two girls were talking about how the last time they took a dollar van (which actually costs $1.50 a person) they found a cell phone... and crack. So, we asked to get off at the library, and like I said it was literally down the road. Whatever. The girls told us good luck figuring everything out (since we didnt really need the van to get there). Scary. We got out at the library and walked about 2 streets away and found PPWest. We started at 1 Prospect Park West... we needed 136 Prospect Park West... that was fun. So we walked FOREVER and finally got to the building we were staying in. We found the hidden key, and let ourselves into the building. We went to the apartment, and there were shoes outside the door. We thought this was odd, so my brother knocked. Yup, right apartment. Apparently this was the first time this guy rented his place because he forgot to tell us that 1) he lived there, and would be there with us & 2) he had a dog. Cutest puppy ever. Simon. Shy as hell, but if someone rented that was allergic? Plus, WTF? Guy is there too. So, it was a one bedroom, and the guy slept in the family room on an air mattress. This was all so bizarre. We dropped our stuff off, asked where we could find food near the apartment, and left. Ahhh... the Purity Diner. I may move there just for that. The food was SOOOOOOOO good, we ended up eating there 4 times. Hee. So we ate dinner, talked about how weird it was that the guy lived there, and called our parents to let them know we got there safely, etc. Now, no one can get offended, because technically we are Jewish, but it was so damn funny. My dad asked what we thought of the apartment. My brother, without missing a beat, said "It's nice... it is across from the park, has 20 ft vaulted ceilings, and oh yeah, it came with a Jew." Hee. Whatever, it was funny at the time. So we went back to the apartment and were literally asleep by 10:30 or so... we were exhausted.

The next day, we got up and went into the city. It was nice, there was a subway stop about a block away from the apartment. We bought an unlimited week metro card so that we didnt have to pay every time we went on the subway. We went into the city, and stopped at a GAP. I wanted to go in because we were FREEZING and they have the "RED" products that give proceeds to AIDS and stuff. I got a "RED" hoodie (it is really green and says "TI(RED)" on the back), and my brother got a leather jacket. I also got each of us a "RED" bracelet (again, not red in color) and little safety pins with a red bead on them. Then we were off to the Photo Expo. We registered and found the booth. It was really kind of neat to meet the guys from France... Luc and Cyrille. They both speak English... Cyrille with a thick accent, and Luc with barely any accent at all. I ended up working at the booth because everyone was busy. My brother wandered off out of boredom, so I helped until 5 when it closed for the day. We left and called my dad to look up good sushi places around where we were. We found one that was in the city so we went over there to see if we could get in. There was an hour and a half wait, so we made a reservation for Friday night at 8 (because of the tattoos, we did not know how long they would take) and went next door to the Hard Rock Cafe. The food there was actually pretty good, and the bathroom not only had a chick sitting there, but you could buy practically anything.

Friday was tattoo day so I skipped the expo. We went into Newark for our appointment at 2 at the same place we went the last time we were there. We ended up waiting until 3:30 and giving up. I was PISSED. The tattoo artist never showed up! So, we looked up on our palms the best rated places in the city, and called them to see if they could get us in. They said to come on over and they would see. We ended up getting there around... 4:30ish I think. My brother and I sat and looked through the books that they had to get ideas for tattoos. I'll have to get a pic of his, it turned out badass. I knew I wanted a white rose, but I didnt know where, and I didnt know what else I wanted. So, my brother ended up with this guy who's 5:30 just didnt show up. Good for us! His name was Buddha and he does tattoos for a lot of actors as well as he does fake ones for actors who are going out for a part and want to look authentic. He does amazing work. My tattoo artist was a chick. First woman that I have had do a tattoo. I like the way it turned out... it looks weird in the picture, since it is blown up and the green in the leaves dont touch the sides... not the best work ever, but it looks good in person. I ended up getting it on my right arm. It is a half band, which I planned since the under part of the arm hurts like a BITCH, and it is up a bit higher than a guy would have, which is nice because you can not see it with a tshirt on. The best part? Obviously it hurt a bit while she was doing it, but not that much. Since she finished? Absolutely no pain at all. That is way bizarre.
Here is my tattoo.
We left there and went to sushi. SOOOOO yummy, but so expensive. Oh well, it was fun anyways. We walked around times square and then went back to Brooklyn.

On Saturday we went back to the Expo. Actually my brother and I took the subway and he got off earlier than I did so that he could go over to the NYU area. I went over to the Expo and hung around the booth, helping out and talking with the guys. I sort of felt bad that I didnt spend more time there but they didnt pay for my trip, so I wasnt going to be there all the time. I ended up staying until they had packed everything up. They both were heading back to France that night on a 9PM flight. It was just neat to know someone in person. I told them that I would love to work a show sometime, and they said that maybe I could work one in Vegas in March. I would LOVE to. Especially since I want to see the new Cirque du Soleil "LOVE" based on all The Beatles music. We had the opening home game of the Knicks that night, so we headed over to the Madison Square Garden area. We were going to go to GRAYS PAPAYA for dinner. They have yummy hotdogs for CHEAP, but about half a block away, I looked up at a White Castle sign and said "Huh. I didn't know that they had these here." My brother practically ran me over going in to White Castle. I had never had them before. They were good and horrible at the same time. They really cant be explained. So, we went to the game and left about 2 minutes before the end to beat the crowd... and because the Knicks were getting SPANKED. We took the subway (well, multiple ones) from the game. My brother got on the subway JUST as the doors were closing, so I obviously missed the train. There is no cell service in the subway so I just waited for the next train. I knew what train he was going to catch next, so I just went to the next stop that had that train on it. He was there of course. It was funny. Anyhow, so we went to this Hookah Bar. It was pretty cool... we had Mango juice and then split two different hookah "bowls" or whatever they are called. We did Strawberry Watermelon and then Cherry Rose. We literally just sat there, relaxed, listened to the loud music, and smoked the hookah for about 2 and a half hours. We headed back to Brooklyn at that time (which was about 2:30 in the morning). Unfortunately there is construction, so the trains all become other trains and the express ones dont run as much and blah blah blah. We ended up waiting about 40 minutes for the first train. That SUCKED. My feet were killing me and there was nowhere to sit. I was bitter. We ended up back in Brooklyn at about 3:30 and went to the Purity diner again. This was our 4th and final visit (I skipped the others obviously). They are open pretty good hours during the week (6AM to 1230PM) but they open at 6AM on Friday morning and dont close again until 1230 Sunday night (Monday morning, whatever). So we went and ate and then went back to the apartment around 430 or so. We were supposed to be out by 11, but I wrote a note and attached it to the inside of the door so he would get it when he walked Simon. It said something along the lines of "I know we are supposed to be out by 11, but we got in really late and are very tired. I hope it is okay if we extend our stay and sleep in. Oh by the way, we got you a piece of cheesecake, its in the fridge." A little bribery never hurt anyone, right? So we slept until about 230 that afternoon, and then Eric did some homework and I fell back asleep until about 330. I guess the guy knocked on the door at 330 and Eric answered. He thought we had left. Eric asked what time we needed to be gone by, and the guy said 1:00. Heh. Oops. So we got ready, packed our crap, and then went into the kitchen. We had leftovers from the diner, so we ate them and then left. He didnt charge us any extra, but then again, we bought him cheesecake and he didnt tell us he lived there. We went to the airport and got there around 530. Our flight was at 800, so we had some time to wait. I read and Eric did his homework.

It was a fun trip. I love New York. Strange trip... but fun. Even with the guy there, he was charging us $90 a night and the hotels started at about $260 a night because of the expo.

Well, thanks if you made it through my long ass description. :)

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