Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

So freaking cold

Okay, so tonight we went to the Broncos game. It was cold. I hope I dont get sick.

Anyhow, I literally HATE the Chargers after tonight. The Quarterback made ONE PLAY and came and yelled shit at the crowd. Grow up man. Although, because I was in the front row BEHIND him, I yelled fun stuff, and he was looking directly at me, so I KNOW he heard me. Then another player said stuff, and then a FUCKING COACH started. I'm like what the hell? Big babies, all of them. You make tens of millions of dollars... someone in an away stadium heckles you... IGNORE IT ASSHAT.

Whatever. The Quarterback needs to lose his job because he is a big baby.

The Chargers ended up winning because our Quarterback CHOKES in the 4th quarter, but dude. *HATES*

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