Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

I'm back! ;)

Hiya! I am back...

Damn, those people take care of you. I got to NY, and a limo service picked me up (in a Lincoln Towncar type car)... I went to the hotel (Upper West side)... checked in, and then the travel assistant came to the room and met me and gave me $25 for the day. I took the subway to downtown and had GRAY'S PAPAYA for dinner. (2 hotdogs and a Papaya drink for $3.50) Then I went to Nat Shermans (which is a cigar shop) to get my brother and his roommates cigars. From there I went to Bryant Park and watched the people ice skate. I walked about 8 blocks to see the tree... I was there the day after it was lit. From there I went back to the hotel, took a nice long shower, and the watched television. Took an Ambien and crashed. Today, I had to meet the travel assistant at noon in the lobby. We went over to the show and I got my own green room (which was not green). I had a shirt they didn't want me to wear, so they gave me a shirt/sweater to wear (and keep apparently). They also gave me another $25. I had my hair and makeup done, and then we went to the stage. I actually sat in the "special audience" area. It was a "welcome to the show, this is Alison, she is considering surgery overseas. here are three people and their experiences" thing. I actually barely said anything. LoL. One chick went to Mexico... TJ no less. I wont eat in TJ, let alone have surgery. Another person had a surgery in Costa Rica. She said she walked in, it was a dirty clinic. THEN DON'T HAVE SURGERY THERE!!! Of course things went wrong. Another guy went to Costa Rica and had a great experience. After the show, I was walking up on stage, and Montel came over and said hello and thank you for coming. From there, I went to the airport. 4 hours early (yuck). I got on the plane (thankfully, there were SO MANY flights delayed and/or cancelled). It was amazing... there were SO few people on the flight. I had three seats to myself. I read a magazine (we sat in line to take off for about 45 minutes). After take-off, I had a drink and a snack, and then threw it away. At that point, I sprawled out on the three seats and slept until we started to get near Denver. Nice way to spend the trip quickly. So, the guy I talked to on the phone... HOT. No really... HOT.

Anyhoo, so I got home around 1:45ish. Now I am catching up on stuff.


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